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Swoony fangirl for Alton Brown

The Food Network is often on my television. Even though I have no love for Emeril (waves to hottoddy/Todd), almost everything else is worthy of a look-see. Even the ever-so-perky but lousy tipper girl on $40 a Day show.

I do save special love for Iron Chef and Good Eats. And how SQUEE-inducing was the fact that the Iron Chef America's commentator was Alton Brown? Very.

And let me clear the air here. The original Iron Chef = da best. Iron Chef USA = gag. Iron Chef America = excellent.

Back to my favorite funny kitchen geek, Alton Brown. If you haven't seen Good Eats, do yourself a favor and check it out. It's like The Science Guy making a lemon curd for you. And, imho, he's cute, too. :-D

Now, I bring this all up because Alton Brown has a blog. I'm on his feed at LJ. The boy has seen Supersize Me. If you're even slightly interested, check out his entry here:

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