Binah (binah1013) wrote,

From Twitter 07-14-2010

  • 20:04:22: RT @MelissaTweets: Drowning doesn’t look like drowning, via @LisaHoffmann. This is important, please read & share.
  • 20:04:40: @adhokk7 Verra cool!
  • 22:19:19: RT @darthvader: RT @cowboyrich: @darthvader Swandive!!! Into the most epic tie-fighter battle of YOUR LIFE!!! #OldSith
  • 22:22:39: RT @Chivalrybean: I'm on a tauntaun. #OldSith (@darthvader)
  • 22:23:14: RT @darthvader: What would you rather have, diamonds or lightsabers? I think you know the answer ladies, oh yes. #OldSith #StarWars
  • 22:24:58: RT @darthvader: .@OldSpice hasn't responded to my arrangement from yesterday, & so I'm.. altering the deal. *Pray* I don't alter it further.

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