Binah (binah1013) wrote,

From Twitter 08-09-2010

  • 07:37:38: I'm seriously starting to doubt the quality of HP printers.
  • 07:42:43: I've come to realize that good looking, but severely unrealistic CGI turns 'live action' into cartoons. Ex. Clash of the Titans, 2012.
  • 08:19:56: @omnisceint Some HP printers here are printing mirror images. Weirdness. Not to mention, all the trouble mine gives me.
  • 09:16:48: This is a bad Monday. I've already taken 2 Advils and I still feel terrible. :(
  • 10:38:40: RT @kanyewest: Just cause you got a stylist don't mean they got style #BESTTWEETOFALLTIME!!!
  • 17:01:14: @justtjb LOL
  • 19:49:47: RT @wordspy: qwerty tummy n. A stomach illness caused by typing on a germ-ridden keyboard.

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