Binah (binah1013) wrote,

From Twitter 08-10-2010

  • 07:16:33: Poor @omnisceint is sick. :( He's stuffed up, feverish and has a scratchy throat.
  • 09:25:17: This morning was so much better then yesterday's, with the exception of my ailing hubby. No Advil needed for me today.
  • 09:36:04: Headline of the day: Wasilla Can't Catch A Break: Levi Johnston Is Running For Mayor
  • 09:49:14: Sometimes you get to hear interesting things when performing the duties of a notary public. I do mean interesting, not *inneresting*.
  • 10:09:45: @justtjb Usually, I like the stories. Today's tale involved land bequeathed to former slaves after emancipation.
  • 12:26:09: Animated gif of the day. May I present the Sharktopus!
  • 13:15:35: RT @thechive girl quits job on dry erase board
  • 14:18:35: @ElleryTheJones Miracle Whip blows goats. Mayo all the way.
  • 14:33:04: Speaking of mayo, I tried the olive oil kind. It's good in tuna fish sandwiches, but I didn't like in deviled eggs. #coolstorybro
  • 14:37:14: @VLJH Not green. I didn't like it deviled eggs b/c it's *slightly* sweeter. No carbs, but I guess olives have some natural sweetness.
  • 14:38:30: @VLJH :D
  • 14:41:52: @VLJH The main advantage of olive oil mayo is that lower fat.
  • 14:43:23: @VLJH Jeez, I can't type today. I meant to say "...olive oil mayo is lower in fat."
  • 14:44:24: @VLJH It's not as sweet as Miracle Whip. *shudder*
  • 15:28:30: @rockeye So is HP Fruity Sauce really a jam/jelly/marmalade product?

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