Binah (binah1013) wrote,

From Twitter 10-04-2010

  • 11:46:14: 404 page of the day: Don't worry, we'll be back soon, it's not like the zombie apocalypse is finally upon us. ...or is it? (...braaaaains)
  • 15:49:59: @ElleryTheJones COOKIE!
  • 18:58:37: @cs_chick EW!
  • 19:43:52: @samanthai I've only read We the Living by Ayn Rand. It's semi-autobiographical and gives context to her beliefs.
  • 19:45:04: @samanthai I'll do The Fountainhead some day & maybe Atlas Shrugged, though that's a big maybe.
  • 20:45:00: For @rockeye: Microsoft looks to hit the Spotify | Beyond Binary - CNET News via @cnet

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