Binah (binah1013) wrote,

From Twitter 10-06-2010

  • 04:47:13: @Juzzash I've been hearing a about that movie. It's too gross a concept for me.
  • 08:40:55: I have absolutely no pockets today & no ideal place to hang my employee badge. :/
  • 12:28:39: @totallytanu I keep hearing rumors both ways. I won't be placing any bets, though it would be a smart move for Apple.
  • 12:29:51: @totallytanu With Android taking off, Apple should be on more than one carrier. Otherwise, it'll be a replay of Windows vs. Apple again.
  • 12:31:22: @totallytanu Apple used to be the big playa in desktops 'till the early 90's, but then Windows became the OS for a bunch of manufacturers.
  • 12:33:16: @totallytanu Multiple manufacturers, lower cost made MS Windows the dominant player. Maybe Apple doesn't want history repeating.
  • 12:41:49: AT&T, The iPhone & Canada: Do Not Combine - The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan via @AddThis
  • 19:53:07: The British guy narrating this show pronounced geyser like geezer. No, it's guy-zer.

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