Binah (binah1013) wrote,

From Twitter 10-15-2010

  • 09:12:34: RT: @GetJar: #Angry Birds fans - Huge apologies from #GetJar. We had 90k dls in secs & demand overwhelmed servers. Really sorry :( bk soon
  • 09:14:35: @yerohs I woke up too late and now the GetJar is down. No free Angry Birds yet for my day off. Sigh.
  • 09:16:17: @totallytanu How was the first night with the iPad?
  • 09:37:52: @yerohs I don't know, but I can wait for GetJar to come back up. It'll be a lazy day. How cool that Angry Birds full version is free?
  • 10:02:39: @totallytanu LOL! And I'm sure that all your free interweb time is on iPad sites and forums!
  • 10:14:59: @RovioMobile Ha ha.
  • 10:30:30: @TalkAndroid I dl'd angry birds, then the unzipper. Not sure what to do now. :/
  • 10:40:51: I messed up. I dl'd Angry Birds from @TalkAndroid, then dl'd an unzipper, now I don't know what to do. :(
  • 10:47:22: Okay, I got Angry Birds installed! I swear, if it's not Windows, I'm like a babe in the woods. I finally blundered thru to a good end.
  • 11:23:07: I really enjoyed this bk. RT: @neilhimself: For new readers: The Graveyard Book complete & free & read by me on video:
  • 11:29:49: @justtjb Sean Carroll, the atxf teenager, lover of math, that descended to stoner-dom?
  • 11:31:44: @justtjb I used to check his LJ ever so often & wasn't heartened by what I read. What did he die of?
  • 12:07:43: RT @MotoMobile: RT for chance to win 1 of 5 new DROID R2-D2 phones: Rules: #MotoR2D2
  • 20:43:49: In the battle of Cliff vs the Droid X voice recognition, it's DX - 2, Cliff - 0.
  • 20:46:17: Cliff tried "wreak a nice beach" and "recognize speech" and the DX voice recognition knew the difference.
  • 20:47:01: @binah1013 Oops, I meant "wreck" not "wreak".
  • 20:49:16: Then Cliff said "Fuckin fucking Droid!" DX Google searched "#### ##### droid"

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