Binah (binah1013) wrote,

From Twitter 10-19-2010

  • 08:37:15: Our org is going thru a 'right-sizing' effort. I called another dept to confirm something, but the person had been 'right-sized'. :(
  • 10:57:43: @yerohs Which phone model do you have again? Galaxy Tab?
  • 11:03:39: @justtjb Some of those gifs are genius. I'm especially digging the Data one. :D
  • 11:55:10: RT: @Wonkette: Southern GOP Chairman Resigns Over Racist E-Mail, The Sky Is Blue
  • 20:00:47: I like this song. Not what I expected from the singer of "Milkshake". Kelis - Scream via @youtube

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