Binah (binah1013) wrote,

From Twitter 11-08-2010

  • 08:23:55: The trouble with being punctual is that nobody's there to appreciate it. - Franklin P. Jones
  • 08:24:09: @binah1013 Certainly not me!
  • 10:11:26: What follows postmodernism? It seems such a relative term, but to me, modern kinda means now. Is postmodern a constantly moving target?
  • 11:51:12: @Juzzash Happy Belated Birthday! That was a fabulous looking cake!
  • 12:02:25: @rockeye I had leftover Palak Paneer for breakfast this morning. Yum.
  • 18:09:16: The power is out and it's already really dark!
  • 22:29:14: There's an icanhasacheezburger app! It includes all their sister sites like Fail Blog.

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