Binah (binah1013) wrote,

Masochism and Schadenfreude

Ahh, masochist that I am, I read National Review Online on fairly regular basis. I want to know what "the other side" is thinking. And the NR columnists tend to be more intellectually honest than the Limbaughs, Coulters, and O'Reillys of the world. Note that I said "tend" 'cause they sometimes like to wallow in the outrageousness of the aforementioned whackadoos.

NRO has a section on its website called The Corner. It's a blog and the regular columnists post multiple times a day having conversations and whatnot. Usually, they just post a link to some "liberal" story and bitch and moan about a perceived slant. Yet sometimes they link to liberal websites like Salon, not to bemoan the "slant" but just to discuss the issue.

What tends to piss me off about these folks and why I mentioned their "wallowing" aspect, is that they'll take the Drudge smear stories seriously. Like with these Swift Boat Vets that never even knew Kerry. It lowers my respect for them. Even these folks don't always take the high road. But then I wonder whether folks I highly respect like Jim Lehrer and Bill Moyers always take the high road. I don't think I've ever seen them go low, but maybe I don't watch them enough. Even so, am I comparing apples to oranges? Do I have the expectation that NRO should be better than it really is?

Now, in fairness, the articles/columns posted on their front page tend not to dwell on Drudge skullduggery. They do shine their shoes, straighten their ties and fix their hair for the front page, metaphorically speaking.

Even so, NRO and the Corner occasionally evoke a nasty tendency in me. Schadenfreude. Oh yeah, baybee. I love to see them get upset on an issue where they are so clearly on the wrong side. The Trent Lott controversy was fun to read about on NRO. It was also fun to watch them spew vitriol against Richard Clark, Ambassador Wilson, etc. It was especially fun to watch them defend Chalabi, who now has a warrant for his arrest by the Iraqi government. NR columnist David Frum co-wrote a book with Richard Perle (neocon extraordinaire and Chalabi supporter). Pure unadulterated schadenfreude.

It's low of me to enjoy it, but NRO is practically in mourning that The Boss, Bruce Springsteen is no Dubya fan. There have been several Corner posts about it, and now an article linked from the front page about it. They can casually dismiss REM and Pearl Jam and maybe even John Mellencamp, but The Boss hurts.

I particularly love this bit:
Politics is about choice. Rock is about choice. So political rock must also be about choice. If you're voting for Bush and have long liked Bruce, you must now decide between the two. It's that clear-cut.

:::wipes tears away:::

Ahhh, that's good stuff. Yet, I gotta say that schadenfreude can turn back to masochism at a moments notice. Even so, I'm lovin' it now...

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