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Dennis Miller

Last night, we were looking for something to watch. Somehow the channel ended up on Dennis Miller on MNBC at 8pm CDT. We were waiting for 2010 to start on one of the movie channels, and figured we'd give Miller that long.

Considering some of his obnoxious statements lately, I didn't think I'd last that long. We actually gave him 30 minutes, but bailed on the last half hour when his conservative panel was about to come on. But really, he wasn't offensive. But sadly, he also wasn't funny. Despite his neo-con conversion, I still expected a sharp and clever Miller. That's not what we got.

His intro was surprisingly apolitical for the most part. It was also painfully unfunny. I don't know if this is a once-a-week deal or whether he goes on 4 days-a-week like Jon Stewart. But he could only hope to aspire to Stewart's level of funny. All I know is that he needs to either fire his writers or read his material beforehand to polish it up. When you're big bit is to joke about a dog that has lost his front two legs named stubby, you're limping along.

Cliff remarked, "They sure do like to use the applause light a lot." Not enough to hide the embarrasing silences at the end of punchlines, though. Still, the audience was kinda weird. I'm thinking the audience was filled with Miller fans that hadn't all quite made the neo-con jump with him. They just desperately wanted to like him.

Miller had Al Sharpton and then Paul Krugman on for guests. Miller was respectful and didn't really argue with either. Definitely softball interviews for the most part. But what was funny was the crowd cheered Sharpton's and Krugman's points. Miller looked uncomfortable during those moments.

The one bit that really made me lose some respect for Miller was the discussion of the Swift Vets. Miller made some lame platitude that Vietnam Vets have an arena to themselves that we can't know or enter, so maybe they should be able to speak. That's all fine and dandy, but are we not supposed to question them just because they're vets? We're not supposed to notice none of them actually served on boats Kerry served on? Or we not supposed to notice that the doctor who claims he treated Kerry, claims Kerry lied/overstated the situation on his FIRST Purple Heart, never signed off on Kerry's medical file? Where's the intellectual honesty there?

Of course, that's just my personal opinion. I could be wrong.
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