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From Twitter 01-06-2011

  • 08:58:20: So impressed. I think this is the future of personal computing. Moto Atrix 4G, HD multimedia dock & laptop dock hands-on
  • 14:16:51: One of the nice things about working for a private institution were the holidays not everybody gets. Now we get floating days off. :P
  • 20:58:12: @samanthai Employers don't give folks a choice of HMO's & most can't afford to do so independently. Tho employers tend to offer a PPO choice
  • 21:01:31: @samanthai Then again, fuck the working poor. Go on welfare and get Medicaid!
  • 21:04:45: @samanthai The republicans wanted no bill at all.
  • 21:09:30: @samanthai The U.S. is a 2 prty system. Ignore that & you'll get nada. The bill (not single payer) had to get 1 R vote to break filibuster.
  • 21:10:50: @samanthai And that Republican had no intention of breaking ranks when it came time to the final voting.
  • 21:13:08: @samanthai That's not the point. The point is to get anything done you have to be mindful of that fact and work with what you got.
  • 21:17:19: @samanthai No, you get a bill on the books and then amend it over time. It's the same process that we went through with Social Security.
  • 21:20:52: @samanthai Then make sure you work on your 401k. I'd rather have some safety net for our citizens.
  • 21:23:24: @samanthai *rolls eyes*
  • 21:34:55: @samanthai I can't decide if you're overly idealistic/naive or just a disingenuous republican who doesn't want to self-identify.
  • 22:30:18: I love how one can directly share a photo taken with one's smartphone with Dropbox. Thumbs up!

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