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From Twitter 01-14-2011

  • 10:12:12: @manakatie In case you wanted to fix the original Gallery on DX, look at this. http://bit.ly/hqERG0
  • 10:23:20: If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow. --Chinese proverb
  • 13:37:57: @samanthai I suppose it depends greatly on your carrier.
  • 13:39:22: @samanthai If you go iPhone, you should wait until June or July to get the iPhone 5. Gotta be with AT&T or Verizon.
  • 13:40:03: @samanthai If you're on Sprint or T-Mobile, you've got to go Android.
  • 13:41:15: @samanthai Also, are you going high end? iPhone only does high end, but Android has some mid market devices.
  • 13:42:36: @samanthai Do you prefer a physical keyboard? Then you should go Android, because iPhone has only one form factor.
  • 13:45:07: @samanthai The choice is not so clear cut. It depends on what your personal needs and circumstances.
  • 13:47:08: @samanthai AT&T has crappy Androids right now. Later in the year, they'll have some kick ass ones.
  • 13:49:36: @samanthai I've heard bad things about the Moto Backflip. I have a Droid X, which I love. @manakatie has one, too.
  • 13:51:35: @samanthai You should check out http://www.wirefly.com for some great deals.
  • 13:55:18: @samanthai Most of Verizon's 4G (a.k.a. LTE) phones are coming out next month, I think.
  • 14:03:49: @samanthai You'll also have to decide what screen size you want. iPhone is 3.5". Some sliders that go up to 4". The Droid X is 4.3"
  • 14:05:32: @samanthai It's possible you could handle a touch screen keyboard on a big screen in landscape. You need to go in a store & play w/phones.
  • 14:07:42: @samanthai Play in store, but buy online at the carrier or places like Wirefly. Don't buy in store, unless you like mailing rebate stuff.
  • 14:09:55: @samanthai @rockeye I think you mean the Nexus S. It's not 4G, though. It doesn't have a keyboard, either. It's tough, you're right
  • 14:11:31: @samanthai @rockeye ...at a time where the latest and greatest were shown at CES, but aren't coming out for a month or two.
  • 14:11:56: @samanthai Tho, the current cream of the crop are very nice devices.
  • 14:16:52: @samanthai I researched my device in Aug/Sep & have been addicted to gadget blogs ever since.
  • 14:19:28: @samanthai When you get down to a couple or so of devices, I can talk about brands like Moto, HTC, Samsung...
  • 14:31:07: @samanthai Motorola Droid X. I had to have that big screen. I decided I could deal with the screen keyboard in landscape.
  • 14:32:10: @samanthai My touch screen skills have gotten much better since then, so I can deal with the screen keyboard in portrait.
  • 14:34:59: @samanthai Touch screen skills are definitely a physical skill that takes some developing.
  • 14:38:00: @samanthai I don't think so, but they do have Droid 2 Global, which 4" (I think) and has a physical keyboard.
  • 14:40:02: @samanthai Here's the details on the Droid 2 Global. http://bit.ly/gPEobW
  • 14:51:52: @samanthai At Verizon, you'll have a harder hunt for Int'l phones since they're on CDMA. D2G has CDMA and GSM.
  • 15:02:29: @samanthai Yep. Be careful when you purchase. There's a Droid 2 and a Droid 2 Global. Two different phones.
  • 15:09:28: @samanthai My last link is going to the wrong phone! Arg!
  • 16:27:01: @samanthai Wifi is probably faster than 4G anyway, and doesn't account against you. Though, Verizon still has unlimited data.
  • 16:31:59: @manakatie Teeth problems always suck hard. Are you in pain?
  • 16:36:57: @manakatie I'm listening to a book where a character is dealing with serious teeth problems and no access to a dentist. :/
  • 16:38:45: @Juzzash @manakatie I had a root canal at 15. It went downhill from there. All my molars have had root canals and crowns.
  • 16:53:24: @manakatie Wow.
  • 16:54:49: @manakatie @samanthai I haven't, but markets are different and ymmv. :) Pick what's best for your area. Chicago, right?
  • 18:25:45: @googlenews Why do feature Apple Insider so much on tech news in iGoogle? It's terribly slanted and awful.
  • 19:50:43: Free Catheter Samples! I just saw a commercial offering free catheter samples. #ohgod
  • 21:39:52: I'm playing Cindy on FB Scabble. My letters are AAAANOU. #FML
  • 21:47:03: @binah1013 I got rid of 2 A's. Now my letters are AANOOTU. #thatdidnthelp
  • 22:33:57: @manakatie I downloaded Gallery 3D for the heck of it. Me likey so far.

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