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From Twitter 01-19-2011

  • 08:47:26: Still Life with Apples by Cezanne is now my wallpaper here at work.
  • 09:49:06: @anamariecox You are such a hipster.
  • 09:50:58: @VLJH Hello! I'm about to go on a walk too.
  • 10:48:15: @ElleryTheJones @mognet Then I should get #aznpoints for my Chinese dentist and Vietnamese nail tech! Well, maybe not for the nail tech.
  • 10:49:14: @ElleryTheJones @mognet It's hard to find a nail tech that isn't Vietnamese.
  • 10:50:57: @ElleryTheJones @mognet I've had the same nail tech the whole time I've gotten my nails done back in college. I've seen her kids grow up.
  • 10:52:34: @ElleryTheJones @mognet ...since college, I mean.
  • 12:18:46: @hawtspot Yes. He was in Inception.
  • 12:19:49: @adhokk7 Somebody is bitter about Hollywood this morning. ;)
  • 12:24:22: @adhokk7 My only knowledge of the Catwoman story comes from Michelle Pfeiffer's portrayal in Burton's version in the '90's.
  • 12:28:19: @adhokk7 Hardy seems to be an interesting screen presence. I don't know Bane's story though.
  • 12:33:44: @adhokk7 The spine is a mechanical thing? I'm having visions of Mortal Kombat and an actual spine being ripped out.
  • 12:35:05: @adhokk7 I'm looking at the image you posted. Ouch. I guess the Batman was out of commission for awhile.
  • 12:37:28: @adhokk7 Actually, I've never thought Anne Hathaway was all that hot. Maybe in Ella Enchanted. She does mousy well.
  • 12:39:05: @hawtspot @adhokk7 I missed BARNEY in the image!! Other than that, Bane is ginormous.
  • 12:39:35: @adhokk7 So, a Robin will have to be cast?
  • 12:45:19: @adhokk7 Bale might have a point. The character of Robin in film has seemed an awkward thing in film so far.
  • 15:05:58: I just completed a farcical forecast report using bogus budget numbers. Job satisfaction, I haz it.
  • 15:09:25: @ElleryTheJones @mognet It's shorter than "lady who does my nails" and more au courant and accurate than manicurist.
  • 16:12:02: I read an article about Rep Giffords moving to a rehab hospital in Houston & all I can think is, "Hey, that's within walking distance!"
  • 16:13:10: Within walking distance to my job, that is. Let me be clear, I have no intention of doing so.
  • 16:14:26: @adhokk7 Heh.
  • 18:39:46: I experimented with trying to make creamed spinach by looking up the recipe and eyeballing it for a single serving
  • 18:46:10: @binah1013 Actually, I looked at several recipes and cherry picked the things I liked, mostly to keep low carb.
  • 18:50:39: RT @ApocalypseHow: Adult version of "World of Warcraft" coming out called "World of Bonecraft." Could be biggest XXX game since "Call of ...
  • 20:51:46: @cs_chick That's a much lower fat recipe than I used butter, cream cheese & a little milk. The butter mostly to saute the onion, but a lot.
  • 20:53:30: @cs_chick I'll remember your recipe next time.

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