Binah (binah1013) wrote,

From Twitter 01-22-2011

  • 10:05:13: I found a label I wrote pre-stroke. The handwriting was effortlessly beautiful. My current handwriting is like a cheap knock-off. Sigh.
  • 11:55:08: @teapotgirl Thanks for the article!
  • 13:02:29: Gonna try out the Runkeeper App. It'll be a short walk, because Cliff will be with me.
  • 13:35:31: Just posted a 1.17 mi walk - A walk with Cliff. #RunKeeper
  • 13:38:41: Hmm, I seemed to have the same problem with sharing the route. Ping @rockeye for help!
  • 13:48:08: @rockeye I checked my settings on the website. My route can be viewed on the route tab. :)
  • 13:50:58: @rockeye @mognet @manakatie I had a good test walk with Runkeeper on my walk today!
  • 13:54:59: @rockeye @mognet @manakatie Though, I'm not sure how effective it will be at work when I walk up the parking garage. :/
  • 14:11:34: I don't get why Runkeeper shows when my settings are
  • 14:15:09: @rockeye I did make an account before the walk. Granted, you can access routes thru the tab, but shouldn't it be on the page you click on?
  • 14:20:25: @rockeye I didn't know there were separate privacy settings on the walks. I'm trying to figure out how to change it now.
  • 14:32:12: @rockeye Thanks! Since I've changed my global settings, I shouldn't have this problem again?
  • 14:42:52: @rockeye You are a good ambassador (aka help desk) for Runkeeper. It seems like a nifty program.
  • 21:26:24: I've never seen a baby dolphin before! RT @teapotgirl: OMG RT: @stephenfry: Cute: baby dolphin meets young penguin -
  • 21:35:57: Is chopped spinach the same thing as cut leaf spinach? Google is failing me. I guess no one cared enough to put up a web page about it.
  • 21:42:10: @Juzzash That makes sense.

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