Binah (binah1013) wrote,

From Twitter 01-24-2011

  • 08:45:17: It's raining, so I'll be walking inside at least in the AM. I'm interested how Runkeeper is going to deal with that.
  • 08:46:38: @binah1013 I'm guessing it won't register stairs.
  • 09:34:28: Who says I'm not productive at work? I built Stonehenge!
  • 11:06:14: Hahaha! I got my answer about walking inside. 35 min and...Just posted a 0.00 mi walk - Building walk. #RunKeeper
  • 11:24:01: @binah1013 That's okay. My inside walk is ~1.6 miles. I wanna use Runkeeper for when I try new routes. I'm not looking to manage a program.
  • 11:50:03: A faculty member died at the parking lot entrance to our building. she was fiddling with the card reader & her foot slipped off the break.
  • 14:14:38: @manakatie When I get home, I'll try to remember to take pictures. The desk is huge.
  • 14:16:14: @manakatie Also, I'm amused that you answered an email with a tweet. :D
  • 14:19:12: @manakatie Whoops. You're talking about the lady who died then.
  • 14:25:51: @manakatie I've heard several versions of the story, but a coworker actually saw it and talked about while I left the suite. Don't wanna...
  • 14:27:05: @manakatie ...ask for a retelling. HR has already offered a psychiatrist to talk to him.
  • 14:41:53: @manakatie It's been rainy & cold all day. She came from main campus & was trying to use a credit card. She was elderly, maybe retired.
  • 14:48:02: Here's the story. Woman Dies In Parking Lot Gate Arm Crash
  • 15:26:30: @rockeye Thanks! I'm glad my contract won't be up for quite awhile.
  • 15:27:58: @rockeye When will you be thinking of getting a new phone/device (whatever term you prefer)?
  • 16:28:12: @rockeye Samsungs are supposed to have very nice screens, not to mention you'd be 1st in line for Android updates with the Nexus.
  • 16:32:44: @rockeye Though, in the U.S., Samsung doesn't seem very timely with updates. Most of the Galaxy S line are still waiting for Froyo.
  • 16:51:48: @rockeye Maybe Froyo and Touch Wiz don't get along. I dunno.

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