Binah (binah1013) wrote,

From Twitter 02-03-2011

  • 08:49:40: The high today for Houston is 33F. The low is 28F. Therefore, of course it's 25F.
  • 09:17:48: @samanthai Wow. You got on the train before I even started to get ready for work and now I'm at work. Yet, you're still on the train! D:
  • 09:43:06: @VLJH They're not inside?
  • 10:06:54: @cs_chick So, is that a tacit admission that you work in Hell?
  • 11:18:52: My feet are fine in their sandals, but my hands are chilled. :P
  • 12:13:55: I'm not cold anymore! Did my 1.6mi indoor walk. Best cure for my cold hands.
  • 12:41:09: @Branz He is adorable.
  • 13:48:40: @Branz Good luck!
  • 15:09:58: @Principia For whatever reason, none of your NPR links have worked for me. :(
  • 15:30:39: @JoKershaw I had to google "maccas"! LOL
  • 20:05:43: You can now go to the Android Market on your 'puter & get apps pushed to your phone over the air.

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