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Binah goes to Church - or - Family Obligations

Saturday morning, we went to a Catholic baptism for one of Cliff’s grandnieces, Josephine. Cliff is the youngest of four, and he’s 11 years my senior. Until my birthday in October, he’s officially 12 years older. All of his siblings have children, and now they are all grandparents. That makes Cliff a Granduncle many times over. Therefore, at the tender age of 33, I am a Grandaunt. ::sniff:: I rather think I’m a bit young to be a Grandaunt, particularly since the oldest is 12.

ANYWAY, we drove across town to a 60+ year old Catholic Church for the baptism. It was a pretty church. The stained glass was lovely. I was more entertained by the stained glass than the proceedings. Under a representation of the crucifixion in the glass, was a skull and crossbones. I was a bit taken aback at that image. But then I’m no religion expert. Maybe all Catholic Churces have skull and crossbones under representations of the crucifixion. Yikes.

I contracted a nearly fatal case of the yawns in that church. I think the church’s name was something like St. Pius V, and it reminded me a tad of the Lutheran churchs my mother forced me to go to as a child. My clearest memory of those times was getting hit for falling asleep. So, the yawns were an unpleasant reminder of bad memories. Luckily, no one swatted me for yawning. Cliff ended up catching them. Yawns are most definitely contagious.

Afterwards, we went to the first birthday party for little Josephine. She has big beautiful blue eyes. She’s a pretty little child. Got to gossip with the in-laws. Evidently the Daddy needs to get himself a job, per Grandma (a.ka. Cliff’s sister Pat). Daddy has a Master’s degree in Film and didn’t make it out in L.A., so he’s moved his wife and child in with his parents and gets occasional work from his father who is some sort of consultant. Mommy is working as a waitress at Black-Eyed Pea to support the family.

Even though Grandma is full of disapproval, I really don’t think I know enough to judge. Cliff was out of work for a couple of looong years, but it wasn’t for lack of looking for a job. However, one of my high school buddies did turn out to be a guy who just didn’t want to work. He just mooches off his parents and will until they die. So, I’ve seen both types and think it takes awhile to figure out who is the loser and who’s the guy who really needs a break. Loser!Friend is a nice guy, but you sure don’t want to date him.

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