Binah (binah1013) wrote,

From Twitter 02-18-2011

  • 08:26:51: Everything happens for a reason! RT: @Principia: Photo: ronandhermioneweasley:
  • 08:31:17: @rockeye I probably should ask on list, rather than Twitter, but what's your opinion about the Microsoft/Nokia thing?
  • 08:32:39: @rockeye I figure since Nokia doesn't figure in the U.S., that you'd be a better source for an opinion.
  • 08:47:47: I left my phone at work and the battery went down to zero. I've never seen my LED light go red before.
  • 08:48:39: Of course, that was only after it charged for awhile from the USB cable connected to the computer. :/
  • 08:49:05: I should have brought my wall charger. It's much faster.
  • 08:51:57: @samanthai Hrmph. Don't you have gmail? My phone imported all my contacts from gmail and facebook almost immediately.
  • 10:06:12: I'd love to make some trenchant commentary on today's society and the world we live in, but really I'm just trying out a new avatar.
  • 12:35:52: @rockeye So, it's a good thing. Is it better for Nokia or MS? It seems better for MS.
  • 13:13:07: Comment of the day: Strong words from an internet commenter.
  • 15:34:14: Just completed a 1.64 mi walk with @runkeeper. Check it out! #RunKeeper
  • 17:58:46: @rockeye Nighty night!
  • 18:28:19: @callmesasharay Aw, poor baby. :(
  • 19:13:59: @callmesasharay What kind of kitty is she?
  • 21:35:42: Paging @missdoomcookie RT: @Johngcole: Anyone know anything about the upcoming game Rift?
  • 21:41:42: @manakatie @callmesasharay Bella is bella. I love how Katie understands my need for kitty pix. :-)
  • 22:18:20: @manakatie I feel for your mom's neighbor. Is Rocky licking a glass door?

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