Binah (binah1013) wrote,

From Twitter 03-17-2011

  • 05:28:10: @Juzzash Congratulations on such a deeply felt goal.
  • 06:06:40: The high today is 81F! D:
  • 08:20:34: Does Saturday count as a business day when talking about a UPS delivery? I mean, they do operate on Saturday. Hoping so! *fingers crossed*
  • 10:57:22: OK srsly, don't give personal info on voicemail if you don't know the recipient. Some random lady left me her life story with $ amounts. :\
  • 11:00:57: @binah1013 On the upside, her mother w/Alzheimers in a nursing home gets a decent amount from her late father's pension.
  • 11:10:31: @manakatie My face is o_O re: your aunt's text. Or more properly D:. An admixture. I'm sorry you are facing another loss.
  • 11:13:09: @hawtspot It's Friday and yesterday was Thursday. Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday afterwards. Fun, fun, fun, fun. For me, it's the lyrics.
  • 11:23:35: @hawtspot True. Though, probably the existential crisis of having to pick a seat in the front or back put the song over the top for me.
  • 11:30:16: @manakatie You have too much experience with grief. :( Maybe karma will make it up to you in the future. That's my hope anyway.
  • 14:23:37: Just posted a 1.62 mi walk - Felt hot! Walk with Tanu and Gayla. #RunKeeper
  • 17:29:36: My continuing gps problems with Runkeeper are driving me to check out alternatives. DL'd My Tracks and CardioTrainer.
  • 17:36:04: @binah1013 My Tracks seems complicated, saving files to the SD card. I'm gonna try out CardioTrainer tomorrow.
  • 22:19:58: @samanthai I'm binah1013. :-)

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