Binah (binah1013) wrote,

From Twitter 03-22-2011

  • 07:58:58: @manakatie @ElleryTheJones Scrabble made up the term bingo for using all your letters.
  • 10:05:20: I downloaded Firefox 4 & it does seem markedly faster. However, my echofon add on seems to have not made the transition.
  • 10:08:46: @manakatie No, for the computer. I haven't tried the android version.
  • 10:11:37: @ElleryTheJones @manakatie We still quote Cat in our home, "Too slow, chicken marengo!"
  • 15:09:09: Just posted a 1.60 mi walk - Indoor walk w/Tanu. #RunKeeper
  • 17:59:06: I downloaded the Amazon Appstore & got Angry Birds Rio free for the hell of it. You're rescuing other birds. No pigs as of yet.

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