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From Twitter 03-23-2011

  • 07:53:22: Runkeeper had an update in the Android Market! I'm happy about that since it has a gps strength indicator outside of an activity. Yay!
  • 08:01:49: Ridic Headline of the Day: Adriana De Moura Learns Pole-Dancing To Prevent Fiance from Straying //Girlfriend, examine your life choices!
  • 08:02:54: @binah1013 I have no idea who this silly bint is, but stupid famewhore is stupid.
  • 08:07:40: When I was in high school in the '80s, I started a hoax that Elizabeth Taylor had died. It was hilarious.
  • 08:09:21: I wrote on a long time friend's wall, "I figure you wouldn't believe me if I told you that Elizabeth Taylor died, so I won't bother. ;D"
  • 08:15:44: In an age without internet (class of '89), those kind of hoaxes had longer legs. People had to read newspapers or watch TV to debunk it.
  • 12:32:04: @braisinhussy Happy Birthday!
  • 12:33:37: @manakatie @omnisceint :D
  • 12:37:50: @teapotgirl Oh, that sounds uncool.
  • 14:25:03: @teapotgirl The news makes me frowny a lot lately.
  • 14:27:48: @VLJH It's always dogs (when it's not snakes) you hear about when a pet kills a person.
  • 14:32:28: @teapotgirl I have a friend who tweets tumblr posts from stfufauxminist & stfurapeculture frequently, so I can guess.
  • 14:34:01: @VLJH My favorite holidays are the ones that I get days off from work.
  • 14:38:03: @VLJH I am not against tattoos, but I don't find many that suit my taste. Some are cool as hell, but most are trite.
  • 14:41:24: @VLJH It totally cracks me up when people get misspelled tattoos. Research before you get ink or the world will mock you!
  • 14:43:31: @VLJH I haven't worn pantyhose in years. When you're short and round, comfortable they are not!
  • 15:50:31: Just posted a 1.60 mi walk with @runkeeper. Check it out! #RunKeeper
  • 15:51:06: Just posted a 1.60 mi walk with @runkeeper. Check it out! #RunKeeper
  • 20:33:53: I saw a woman today w/ the least amount of ass I've ever seen. She caught my eye because I thought, OMG, wth is wrong w/her ass?!
  • 21:26:08: @ElleryTheJones She gave too much. :/
  • 21:32:49: @manakatie My sister played GI on me today in WwF. That's not even a valid word in Scrabble or Word Feud!
  • 21:38:34: @manakatie Oh man, I told @booniecakes that aa was a word. I feel adrift not know the 2 letter word list in wwf now!
  • 21:44:19: @teapotgirl @VLJH They're pretty!
  • 21:46:19: @teapotgirl @VLJH This is where I get in trouble: Sizing 5' - 5'4" 100-120 lbs.

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