Binah (binah1013) wrote,

From Twitter 04-09-2011

  • 08:58:39: @rockeye The Droid X is only somewhat useful on highest brightness in sunlight. When I walk, I have to amp it up to be able to skip songs
  • 09:00:25: @rockeye I suppose good utility in sunlight would be the strongest argument for SAMOLED screen.
  • 09:02:05: DL'd the free app of the day from Amazon, X Construct. My first bridge was bad & the train fell in the ravine. The screams made me laugh.
  • 12:48:02: @samanthai My experience is that most SUV drivers can't park their land yachts with any finesse.
  • 13:14:04: My check engine light came on. I'm at the dealer having it checked out, while listening to ambient music & checking twitter.
  • 13:15:50: @binah1013 I'm also playing Word Feud with @omnisceint, who is with me.
  • 13:28:42: @ElleryTheJones Thursday. The tech just told us it was a special water pump only the Prius has, but it's covered by the extended warranty.
  • 13:30:22: @binah1013 The extended warranty covers a car rental! Whee!
  • 15:36:04: @VLJH Nothing major. Just need to replace a specialized Prius water pump & it's covered under extended warranty. I'll get it back Monday.
  • 15:55:16: @manakatie Am I playing a wwf game with you? I think my wwf is screwed up anyway. :(
  • 16:14:16: Our Borders is going out of business, so I picked up Pride & Prejudice & Zombies audiobook and A Room With a View (Merchant Ivory) DVD. :)
  • 16:27:23: @rockeye Hmm?
  • 19:10:59: @manakatie @omnisceint Ahhhhhh!

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