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TGIF and political stuff

Yay for long weekends! Boo that it isn't already 5pm! We bought a new stove and it arrives tomorrow. The current stove is in great likelihood original to the house, which is approximately 25 years old. We’re switching from electric to gas. I’m excited. Tomorrow’s delivery does mean that we absolutely have to stick to the house on a lovely Saturday. We’re having a handyman come by to fix up the gas connector right before delivery. Hopefully this all works out well, or we’ll have to call a plumber who will get the job done much more expensively.

It’s weird, I kinda feel a bit old buying a STOVE. Ah well, it kinda makes me feel like a grown-up, too.

I’ll admit I haven’t been too good about watching the Republican National Convention. I missed Zell Miller’s angry speech riddled with lies. As John McCain told Jon Stewart last night, "I think John Kerry must have shot his dog!"

BTW, The Daily Show was fabulous last night. I noticed with the DNC and RNC, TDS needed a day or so get its groove. Last night, they were running on full thrusters. Of course with Zell "Mayor of Crazytown" Miller to work with, they had natural comedic gold to work with. The snippet where Zell declared he wished we were back in the time where he could challenge Chris Matthews (on Hardball after his speech) to a DUEL??? Omigod, too funny even before Jon Stewart got to it.

I think I need to sue TDS for killing me with comedy. I’m a ghostwriting this entry, ‘cause I just DIED.

On a more serious note, I made a point of trying to watch as much of Bush’s speech that I could stomach. I walked away a couple of times, listening while playing on the computer. The conservative social agenda was on full display. Blah. He reiterated his call to declare marriage to be between a man and a woman only. Hmm, I notice Mary Cheney wasn’t sitting with her parents last night. Can’t imagine why.

As an aside, I just don’t get the Log Cabin Republicans. I do understand the ideal of a smaller government and can respect it. But folks, the rest of the party thinks you’re going to Hell. The party doesn’t respect you. They don’t even LIKE you. I mean, even Andrew Sullivan has declared he can’t in good conscience vote for Bush.

Considering how Bush hasn’t done ANYTHING to reduce the size of government, I just don’t get it. All he’s done is lowered taxes for the rich without the corresponding lowering of spending. Is that fiscally conservative? At least Kerry says he supports a pay-as-you-go policy rather than deficit spending. But then I suppose as Cheney has been quoted, "Deficits don’t matter." Yeah, why worry when the next Dem president will be the one to pay it down. That is until the next Republican runs it up again.

Do we not see a disconnect there?

Ahh, back to Bush’s speech. Something that he said that offended me was how we need to make sure all children get college degrees so they don’t have to work minimum wage jobs. Sure, it sounds lovely on the surface and I support improving education. But not everybody is college material, but even if they were how would our society function? If everyone is a college grad, who is going to take your order at McDonald’s, dig ditches, and mow your lawn? We may not aspire to these jobs, but they do need to be done. Even though Republicans tend to be anti-immigration, I suppose the illegal immigrants will be the only ones left to do the scut work in Bush’s dream America. And people wonder why Repubs have less diversity than the Dems. Duh.

It’s amazing to me how Republicans go on and on and on about how liberals are "elitist". Isn’t the above sentiment as elitist as it gets? And don’t even get me started about how Repubs constantly decry what they refer to as the society of victimology when they play the victim so well. Ohh, the evol librul media… Damn hypocrites.

This evol librul thinks that all folks are worthy of respect and that a ditch digger should be able to get a living wage. Oh, there’s that liberal elitism…

On PBS, I saw an interview with a delegate that stated, "If these people WANT to be on Welfare, then they shouldn’t complain about the length of the lines. They can just wait!" What a complete bitch, from A to Z. All "economic girly men" (a.k.a. the unemployed) should just suck it up per the Gropinator. Ahh, where’s the supposed Compassionate Conservatism? Oh yeah, that was a crock of shit to begin with. My mistake. :P


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