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Confessions of a font ho

When it comes to fonts, I have no ethics. I should feel shame, but $99 for a commercial font? Ahh, let's just say I'm cheap.

I'm sure you've heard of stream of consciousness writing, but I engage in stream of consciousness surfing. Somehow I started at LiveJournal and ended up at the messageboard at

There was a tres amusing thread on the Google font. The thread starts out with somebody asking for the font. Someone replied that it was the catull font, but it's a commercial font. A third someone declares she has it and if you reply with your email, she'll send it to you.

Enter Jay Z Ray (or something like that). Jay rails against the offerer and against the next 9 pages of folks replying with their email. Font ho that I am, I keep reading waiting for someone to provide a link so *I* can have the font. Finally, on page 8, I am rewarded!

At some Portuguese website, the font is available to download. Yay! Jay's righteous indignation at software piracy pricks at my consciousness, but my font ho-ishness allows me to ignore him.

Irony of ironies? The Google font, while pretty, only looks like it does when written in "Google". The lower-case g's are distinctive, but otherwise you'd never recognize it as the Google font. Still, I don't regret it 'cause it is a pretty serif font and again, I'm a font ho.

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