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Font Run #91404

I like to visit the Creative Messageboard (, not for the collages or other fannish things that go on there. I go there 'cause they have a folder devoted to fonts. Fonts, fonts, fonts. Not always the most active folder, but usually worth a visit at least once a month. If you can put up with somebody asking for the Scriptina or Porcelain font for the gazillionth time, it's a worthy stop for a font ho.

The Creative Fonts MB doesn't seem to exhibit the same "software piracy" morals as the aforementioned party pooper Jay dude from Oh no, if somebody wants a commercial font, usually some ever-so-helpful poster knows where you can find it for free. Ahh, it's like Napster before the RIAA noticed them. It's beautiful.

Anyway, the Font MB is a great place to start a font-acquiring spree. Over the weekend, I went on spree spurred by a request. Someone wanted the Petra Script, a commercial font. I put the image of my new acquisitions behind the cut, you'll notice Petra Script is there.

The Petra Script doesn't look too special here, but it is very pretty in the right setting.

I picked up a lot of gothic-y, messy fonts on this run. I have another set of fonts to show off, and there's another of this genre. I love Tension. Rapture Heavenly is less messy and less gothic, but appealed to me.

I picked up Samba because it reminded me of an Adobe font I fell in love with when I was taking a web class. I tried to snag the font there, but it didn't work because I needed an Adobe font-managing program to use it. It's a caps only font.

John Speedo Demo is awfully similar to Platthand Demo. I will eventually find a use for those fonts.

I have a weakness for cute fonts. I don't use them often, but dammit, I *want* to. I'd say Cecily and PC Snapdragon fall into this category. How can you not love them?

Scythe is nice and it's the type of font I get, but then never can find a use for. I liked that for a genre font, it's very clean and readable.

Londonderry Air NF is just so clean and pretty. Love the caps. Extremely legible. As for Festival Flourish, even though I like its clean lines, I may have to delete it. With some fonts, my computer acts like it was hit in the head. My home computer almost froze up dealing with Festival Flourish. Not sure of the problem, but it may have to go.

My next font post today will probably be entirely behind a cut.

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