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Font Run #91404b

Isn't CK Stars just the cutest font EVAH! Don't lie! You know it is! Moon Child Normal is cute too. It's like a fanciful Broadway font.

I like the Havisham font. It reminds me of the Kashmir font I picked up awhile back. Clearly, it's limited in its uses, but I know that one day I'll say, "Ahh, there's only one font for the job here!" Okay, I'm a bit weird when it comes to fonts.

Beautiful Link disappoints me in that it's a caps-only font. I didn't realize that when I downloaded it. It's got an attractive calligraphy feel, but I think it needs lowercase letters. ABC Long Legs is also caps-only, but at least the legibility is good and has a pleasing clean look.

AL Fantasy type is the gothic-type font I mentioned in my last entry. Probably a bit more legible than Tension, but fancier but less funky than Rapture Heavenly.

Punker Chick is just a fun font. And Marquis? It's just pretty.

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