Binah (binah1013) wrote,

Al Franken, etc.

I just finished reading Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right by Al Franken. Huge thumbs up. The part about how the tax cut really does go to the top is laid out very well. Furthermore, the book talks about our burgeoning deficit and how social services have really taken a nose dive all so Paris Hilton can put an extra million in her portfolio.  Bravo Dubya!

I think it's pretty clear that though taxes were supposedly cut, we're paying just as much anyway. State taxes, permits, fees and state university tuitions have risen. Al Franken didn't have to tell me about that. I love the bit in the book where Franken talks about how the whole "death tax" (estate tax) debate is such a sham. Republicans made it sound like family farms go under because of the estate tax (the book included a Repug commercial). Did you know that the first $2.6 MILLION is exempt? So, no Farmer Joe is going out of business because of the dreaded "death tax".

The book actually starts out ripping Ann Coulter, Bill O'Liely and Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes. He has fun debunking their multitudinous lies and distortions. Ann Coulter is a particularly dumb cunt (waves to Katrina & da freax).  He also talks about how MSM (mainstream media) doesn't have a liberal bias, but rather bias towards the route of least resistance.  Al Franken was particularly upset by the spin of Wellstone's funeral.  It was sad how he talked to conservative (and some moderate) pundits that dissed it who had to admit they weren't there and hadn't watched it.  That incident pretty muched proved what the true biases of the media (outside of Fox) are.  It ain't liberal.

I wish everyone would read or listen to this book, especially conservatives. But then again, conservatives would be the last to read it.  Heck, I wish I could get my mother to read or listen to it.  Hmm, maybe I could, but I have the book on CD and she just has a tape player in her car. 

My mother likes or at least liked Bush.  It all stems from the fact that Bush gave Texas teachers a raise during his time as governor.  Who wouldn't like the guy who gave her a raise?  She is convinced he was "a good governor", yet even now she can see Dubya isn't a good president.  She has declared "I'm disappointed with politics!"  That's how she deals with her disappointment in Dubya.  Considering that this state isn't in play, I shouldn't care how she'll vote.  But she used to be someone who paid attention to the news and politics.  She claims she still is, but I doubt it.  Even though I shouldn't feel this way, I'm disappointed in her.

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