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The Dark Tower by Stephen King is on its way

My pre-order at Amazon has shipped. I should have it by Friday.

It finally comes to an end. After almost 20 years for me, the story of Roland, the Dark Tower and Jake Chambers come to an end. And not coincidently, comes the end of Stephen King's publishing career, if he can truly stay away. It's hard for me to believe that a man as prolific as King could really retire. But supposedly, he's wanted to retire from writing for awhile but promised The Dark Tower fans he would finish the series.

Usually I'm the biggest spoiler 'ho in the universe. But I started to read the review at AICN, but stopped in the middle. Even though Quint promised to not be very spoilery, I still couldn't complete the review. I didn't want to know. The New York Times has a review now that I may read. Though, I think it's enough for me to know it's getting good reviews. King must have a fitting end to the saga, and that heartens me.

I'm going to miss our little band of gunslingers. Roland, Jake, Eddie, Susannah and of course Oy. I want them all to survive this last book, but I think that may be too much to ask for. The breaking of the Ka-Tet has been foretold.

The cover art shows Roland at the Dark Tower with a rose. The Rose? OUR ROSE? I hope not! I don't think any of those roses could be ethically picked, but it makes for a nice painting. Oh, to stand in a FIELD of those roses. The mind boggles. For the uninitiated, each rose is a universe. And The Dark Tower is the nexus for all the universes. So, to save The Dark Tower, you're doing more than just saving the world. You're saving all the worlds.

This is the end of an era. I could speculate on what I will find in DT7. I could read spoilers. At, there are folks who have their Artist's Edition copies (only 500 produced) and are either deeply in the book or have finished it. It's in bookstores now. The end is now known. I'm happy and sad all at once.

And it all started like this:
"The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed."

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