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2004 Birthday Entry

I think this weekend will be a good one. Today is my birthday. I officially enter my "mid-thirties" by turning 34 today. ::shudder:: ;-) Despite that milestone, my 30th birthday was more traumatic. I think I was officially pissy for that one. This one is just another year, but I'm excited about being the princess for the weekend! Yay for a birthday on a Saturday!

I'm going to be doing a lot of eating out this weekend. My parents will be taking us out to Pappacito's (tasty Tex-Mex place) for lunch at noon. Cliff and I will try to eat lightly, because he made a reservation for us at The Melting Pot for 7pm tonight. It's a fondue restaurant. We're both looking forward to that. We've only gone to The Melting Pot once before, but it was pleasantly memorable. It's a romantic restaurant where the booths feel secluded.

On Sunday, I go out with the "girls". Almost every Sunday, Kimmi, Lynda and myself get together. We've been doing this for about 10 years now. It's a nice routine. A year or so ago, instead of going out to do stuff, we decided to just go to each other's places due to tight budgets. Lynda is constantly complaining of being broke and Kim bought a house and still suffers from "cashtration".

Right after Kim bought her house, I was sent a joke email with "modern" words or something like that. In that email, "cashtration" referred to the state of poverty buying a new house can put you into. I thought of Kimmi when I saw that entry and sent it on. Not surprisingly, she replied that she was living "cashtration".

Knowing this, it becomes more of a big deal that we're going OUT tomorrow. It's my choice, so I'm trying to come up with a cheap possibility. For the longest time, I was in the poor column myself. With Cliff working now, we're slowly but surely getting back on our feet. We still have a few big purchases we're saving up for, namely a king-sized bed, but we're feeling more and more comfortable.

I suggested a local chinese buffet. You know, the kind that's huge and decked out? I don't think *this* one has a chandelier, but there's all this beautiful wood and marble and the buffet line is enormous. In addition to the standards, you can get sushi, crab legs and the sorts of stuff most Americans just sort of look at and let the Asian-born have their fill. Personally, I'm not crazy about crustaceans with their eyes just bugging out at you.

Even with all that, the buffet is priced in line with any other Chinese buffet. Plus, nobody will hassle us for "camping out". We can nibble and talk for as long as we like. Sounds nice to me.
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