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The Temp

My internal thermostat is a crazy, mixed up thing. Generally, I'm the warmest person in any given room. During the day and evening, my hands are always warm. I run the fan in my office all day, every day. At night, I want the ceiling fan and the house must not be warmer that 72F. And even so, I generally fall asleep under just a sheet. Cliff uses the comforter.

But then there's sleep. Actually Cliff says I don't sleep, I hibernate. He says I go cold when I sleep. I have no reason to doubt him. In fact, I think it explains the fact that despite my overall warmth I tend to feel chilled when I wake up during the work week in the mornings. Though, if left to sleep in (like on weekends), I don't have this problem.

This morning was different. I was hot. Uncomfortably so. I felt headachy and the need for a nap yesterday after work, so I perhaps I've been a little under the weather. But I was sweating at 5am this morning. Yuck. Either that, or I'm getting hot flashes waaaay too early. Methinks it's not that though. :P

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