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Let it be over

I'm so glad the debates are over. I'm glad that Kerry is considered the winner in all three, though by narrowing margins as they progressed. I'm ready for election day to be over. Yes, I'm a political junkie, but even I am wearied.

I think it's not that I'm wearied of the politics, but rather of the tension of "will my guy make it or not." The polls have been crazy this season. Kerry's up one day, down the next. Then up again, then down again. But then the voter registration drives have been crazy and nobody is counting the opinions of all these new potential voters. Is the surge for Kerry like many assume, or do we have both sides energized out there. I don't think anybody knows with any degree of certainty. Not to mention that so many Senate races are up for grabs.

I showed a friend yesterday. It showed Kerry deep in the hole in the electoral college, but I swear not 2 days ago he held a slim lead. It's crazy. My friend was disheartened by the info and I had to dig into the site to show that Kerry was up just the day before.

In just under 3 weeks, this will all be over. Thank goodness, 'cause this rollercoaster is making me nauseous.

Yet even so, it'll will suck like the Hoover of Doom if Dubya wins. We will see ugly gloating by Dubya, Rove, Rumsfield, Cheney and their ilk. God, I so hope Dubya goes down in flames. And if fortune favors the evil, I hope the Dems can regain the Senate. That would at least lessen the blow.

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