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There are a couple of links that caught my eye.

Remember Fat Albert? Hey, hey,'s FAT ALBERT! Well, the following will either tug at your heartstrings or piss all over your childhood memory. I'll let you be the judge:

The trailer is up and evidently Bill Cosby is involved. It looks like it could either be hilarious or simply awful. I'm afraid...

The second link up is Whedon Fans for John Kerry and John Edwards. But get this, the dealio is that Joss Whedon (of Buffy fame, of course) fans are to have Kerry/Edwards house parties. But that's not all. Each of these parties are supposed to dial in to a conference call where Joss Whedon will answer questions. The plan is that Whedon will try to answer one question from each party.

Wow. <--Not sure what kind of "wow" this is, btw.

Now I'm trying to figure out what this says about fandom and about political activism. This strikes me as just the sort of thing that drives right-wing folks crazy. Not that THAT would bother me, though. I've never thought that actors give up their right to express themselves politically as a cost of attaining fame. But there's something about this. I dunno. I'll have to ponder this a bit. Is Whedon using his fans or are his fans using him? And if it's reciprocal, does it matter?

Okay, here's a thought. I can just imagine that you could be labeled "not a true fan" if you were republican. Gah, the "true fan" business. Oh, but I could see it. I wonder if this has caused an uproar in the Buffy fandom. If anyone knows, let me know.

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