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My beloved and I voted this morning. Since I don't live in a swing state, it wasn't really a hassle. We had to wait perhaps 30 minutes in line. Our ballots are optical scan, which I think is a pretty decent method. They’re counted electronically, but there's a paper receipt.

I think everyone else in Houston had the same idea to vote in the morning and come to work late. The traffic was awful, even an hour later than usual.

I'm trying to not let myself stress over this election, but it's hard not to. If Dubya wins the election, no matter by how small a margin or god forbid electorally but not popularly, I know he'll act like he has the biggest mandate and consider it a validation of his boneheaded policies.

That’s why I fear a Dubya victory. He has no respect or appreciation that a huge chunk of the American electorate do not agree with his policies. There seems to be no mitigating influences, other than the discredited Colin Powell. I used to feel sorry for Powell, but he’s tarnished his own reputation by not standing up to his convictions. As Jon Stewart has dubbed him, “He’s the sad clown.”

If Kerry wins, I will be so relieved. He’ll have a terribly hard job to do and there’s no guarantee that he’ll be able to make huge progress. But I think the world will give him a chance, and that will be a start.

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