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My Guilty TV Pleasure

Some of my TV viewing habits have really begun to get a bit embarrassing.

My ultimate TV guilty pleasure is America's Next Top Model. I generally hate the reality tv craze. You'd have to put a gun to my head to watch such dreck as The Bachelor. Maybe it's just all the dating reality shows that have generally put me off the genre as a whole, but damn, they sure have.

Why do I like America's Next Top Model? I think I like it because, oddly enough, it is NOT a beauty contest. All the girls are pretty or they'd never had made the cut. Instead, Tyra Banks and her catty judges put these girls through the paces to get them to GROW THE FUCK UP. Honestly, it's refreshing. Think gays are bad and *that* photographer is going to hell? Who the hell do you think you'll be working with on a day to day basis? You can go home. Don't want to model partially naked? Or work with animals like snakes or spiders? Babe, you do what the client wants. You can go home anytime. Can't deal with a client's or a judge's criticism? Girl, you are in the wrong place. You suck it up and do what you need to do to fix it. And most of all, you've got to want it.

The winner is going to be the girl who photographs well AND has her shit together and has the best understanding of the fashion/modeling industry. And as such, I think it would be a healthy show for a teenager/young girl to watch because the issues are more often than not about maturity and responsibility.

Maybe I shouldn't feel guilty about this one, but damn. Models? Maybe I'm just enjoying pretty girls getting slapped down and told that folks are not going to put up with their shit.

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