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TV and fanfic musings

We're still watching ST: Enterprise in our house. Cliff likes it even though it usually drives me mad and off to the computer to play with my online friends.

However, ST:ENT has finally come up with a gimmick to get my attention. This whole Trip/T'Pol thing. Oh god, shoot me now. After an episode two weeks ago called "Home" (somewhat reminiscent of "Family" the ST:TNG ep after the Borg arc), the Vulcan T'Pol had to get married to some Vulcan dude named Koss she barely knows and has rejected in the past. Gotta love those arranged marriages.

Only she brought her human honey (or is he?) to Vulcan with her. Trip and T'Pol did the dirty deed last season, though T'Pol claimed it was only an experiment in human sexuality. Yeah right, Ms. Jealous Pants. The show has been building up the romantic tension between the two, but it's not entirely clear if they will be a precursor to the Sarek/Amanda pairing or just a big tease. DAMMIT, no more possible never to be resolved UST!! Well, RST to UST. Ack, that sentence gives me a headache. I may have to go back to totally swearing off this show again and leaving Cliff to watch it by himself.

So poor Trip, dressed in T'Pol's deceased father's clothes basically has to give away the bride. Nice and angsty for the duo, but is this the end? I don't think so since Trip asked T'Pol about her honeymoon in the last episode and she basically reassuring him there was no honeymoon. Only meditation at Mt. Seleya by herself.

I wish this show had the balls to have them engage in an extra-marital affair. But if wishes were fishes, we'd all cast nets.

ANYWAY, since "Home" aired, I've had a hankering for T/T fanfic and spoilers. Spoilers are up in the air as to their fate, but T/T could easily go the way of Picard/Crusher. GAH! Supposedly the writers are making the determination now, and the answer will come out in the next arc of stories. Sigh, I was such a P/C shipper back in the day.

Haven't read ST:ENT fanfic before, but I was ready to jump in. I found a site called House of Tucker - Trip/T'Pol Shipper Site. Most of it is Donnilee-level crap or worse, but dang if I can't stop reading it. There's not a lot of it and the gems are far and few between. Many of the fanfics' depiction of a Vulcan woman is even worse than that of the show, which has turned her into a psuedo-Vulcan.

T/T writers, I can promise you that T'Pol most likely does NOT think in American English colloquialisms every time she ponders an issue. Trip, from the American South, does not refer to his ass as "arse".

I often think this show needs to go ahead and die its miserable, long and drawn-out death.
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