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I know he can GET the job, but can he DO the job?

Oh, it feels like Monday. I feel like I'm suffering from a brain cloud, just like Joe vs. The Volcano. I've always had a fondness for that movie. So does my husband. He bought orange soda recently and called it his "Waponi juice".

I blame yesterday for this brain clouded-ness. We went to the Texas Renaissance Festival and tromped all over the place. For a couple of soft office workers, that can be tiring. It was the last day of the festival, and I tried to hits spots I hadn't done in years past. Tonight I'll get the pictures out of the digital camera, 'cause last night it didn't want to work. It seems the camera gets too tired to transfer pictures unless the battery is charged. Last night, we all needed our batteries charged. I feel like I was taken out of the charger too soon today.

There's a funny story related to all this, but maybe later I'll share how silly we are. Let's just say we PLANNED to go to the Tx Renfaire on SATURDAY. Heh.
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