Binah (binah1013) wrote,

Cliched Moments

I have this one long dress with a top/jacket. It is the brightest dress I've ever bought, and in colors I usually avoid like the plague--orange and magenta with the occasional blotch of green. I'm fine with green, it's the other colors that are very unlike me. However, this dress is rather attractive and I've received many compliments on it.

One of the complimenters at work was so admiring of the dress she asked me where I bought it and whether they had anymore. I was a little taken aback, but I provided the information. Less than a week later, she told me how she also bought the dress and how it was now on deep discount. The implication being I overpaid for the dress, I suppose.

I'm not sure what the proper response is to a thing like that, but I was gracious. I silently wondered if she was going to wear it to church, 'cause I thought wearing it to work would be odd. Next week, she wore the dress to work.

Oookay. I suppose it's a compliment, but umm, I wear the dress fairly frequently (probably once every 8-9 workdays). Are we supposed to pay attention when the other wears this dress? Of course we didn't do that because that's just too ridiculous. Right?

Well, it finally happened. We both wore the same dress on the same day. I didn't think these sorts of things really happened to people, but I was wrong. I have lived the ultimate female cliche. I have cringed at the sight of seeing another woman wearing the same exact dress as myself. Then came the intense irritation at myself for such silliness and at her for putting us in this situation. Godammit, I bought the dress first!

Though honestly, I got over myself pretty quickly. However, that didn't mean everyone else did. Several folks came up to me with *omigod* expressions to let me know that SHE was wearing the same dress as I. These kind souls acted like gossipers with the juiciest tidbit EVAH! Their enthusiasm tired me.

I must be more approachable than she is, because despite my sincerest efforts to avoid her that day, she came to my office and was surprised that I was wearing the same outfit. She laughed and said, "I knew this would happen someday!" What? M or J or E didn't already tell you?

"Laugh it up, Fuzzball," was the response that came to mind, but she's not a Wookie and I'm not Han Solo so I didn't say it. Not to mention she probably wouldn't even get the reference.

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