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I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. I've been reading fanfic. And not even XF fanfic. ST:Enterprise fanfic, Trip/T'Pol fanfic in particular. I've given up my shame about that one now. I'm so not tired of reading about Pon Farr and mind-melding and a reluctant Vulcan and a cautious human. Though, I think many authors avoid writing Pon Farr scenes 'cause otherwise EVERYBODY would. I mean, if you were a ST:ENT fanfic writer, wouldn't you want to? The writers are less shy about "mate bonds" though. [insert cackling here]

I read a delicious Pon Farr fanfic where Trip gets his collar bone broken, ribs bruised and wrists fractured. And don't forget the bite marks! LOL! I'm not sure why that amuses me so, but it does. In that one, T'Pol had some minor bruising and bite marks, too. Fanfic writers actually remember T'Pol would be much stronger, unlike the tv writers.

And in all my fanfic reading, I've seen numerous references to an ep I never did catch last season. Ahh, but Bittorrent to the rescue! 'Cept it seems somewhat challenging to pick up an episode from last season. So, I ended up having to download a file (+4GB) containing ALL of S3 episodes. It finished downloading about the time I had to leave for work this morning. I started the download on Saturday, I think. All that time to really get to one episode - E2 (3x21). Episode 21 of 24. Gah.

I've told Cliff about it and he thinks I should keep the whole season. I remind him, I only have 25GB left on my hard drive. Yeah, that's a bit, but I have an 80GB harddrive. So, there's a clear pattern of using my hard drive space. He's the one with the external 160GB hard drive. If HE wants these eps so badly, he's got more space than I do. I just want one or possibly two episodes. I think keeping the ep Harbinger might be good. My new favorite duo actually do the deed in that one. Heh.

That T/T have actually done the deed kinda screws around with the standard terminology this XF fan is accustomed to. I mean, it's not really UST, is it? If Mulder and Scully did the deed in S3 and then decided to mutually "forget about it", would we have been talking about UST? RST to UST?

And on a somewhat unrelated note, I'm so glad Strong Bad has a new(ish) computer. Yay! Strong Bad is my sooper sekrit boyfriend on the side. Jon Stewart is still my main sooper sekrit boyfriend.

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