Binah (binah1013) wrote,

Remembering the Spoiler Whore Days...

I'd almost forgotten the joys of being a spoiler whore. Back in the day (when I was a Betty! [insert winkie here]!), I was a super kingkong kameha-meha biatch--I mean spoiler whore for XF. Good times. Well, crazy times too.

I was cruising an Enterprise forum and found a whopper of a spoiler. Juicy stuff. Stuff that makes you happy to be a spoiler whore. On this one forum (, they've come up with a smart little feature. They have created a spoiler tag [sp][/sp]that works basically like invisotext at AICN. To accomodate the alternating colors of posts, the [sp] creates a black background with black text with a white border. They should have created this tag eons ago. However, a spoiler-heavy thread looks like a blacked out gov't document. And people are so evil with the leading comments.

Oh, well doesn't THAT explain EVERYTHING Blah, blah, blah. Blah-ditty blah!!!

This is spoiler space. The huge ass Enterprise spoiler is............Deirdre will be so disappointed.........T/T is so very on. How on are they? They've bonded already--though we may be in store for some major angst. Now here comes the weirdness, they accidently created the bond LAST season. Evidently it was a result of the combination of the neuropressure sessions and the jealousy-induced roll in the hay. Speculation is rampant that it may further explain T'Pol's weirdness from last season. Further weirdness is that T/T don't know of the bond yet and will discover it later in the season.

Spoilers are fun! Well, when you like them. Crappy spoilers suck. Such is the Spoiler Rollercoaster of Love.

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