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Timezone/Work Email Rant

It's amazing to me how clueless some folks in regards to time zones. Honestly, if you're setting up a conference call with attendees all over the U.S. or the world, know what fuckin' time zone you're in. Furthermore, realize we all aren't on "Toronto time". <--today's irritating example

Dumbass. Gah!

Of course, I did have some idiot from Oregon (didn't know her locale at first) send out times for a conference call and not mention what time zone she was in. I had politely replied, "I'm assuming you're EST?" and gave her times based on that assumption. Her reply, "Oh no, we're PST!" Grrrr. Well, bitch, you can convert EST to PST yourself 'cause you've pissed me off.

Usually it's east coast folks that live in the fantasy world of an earth with only one time zone. I am, of course, speaking only of Americans here. Europeans and Asians in my experience are much more cognizant of these matters. Setting conference calls with Japanese involved, oy vey. I'll just say in my limited experience, they suffer the worst in such arrangements. Though, a 6am conference call sucks major ass.

God, today's example chaps my hide. Toronto time, my ass. I should have given her my availability in "Houston time" and let the brain donor figure that one out.

Furthermore, I'm getting rather irritated at folks from other institutions that do not provide contact information in their sigs. If it's an inter-organization or inter-institutional email, signing "Bob" is fine. But if you're from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and the only communication I've ever had from you is email, it's oh-so-nice to have your phone number and address. 'Cause you know if I desperately need to contact your office and you're out, that email is probably a dead end for me.

I used a hospital example, 'cause if you work for a University I can track you down like a bloodhound. Before the average Joe here at work discovered the glory that is Google, my co-workers thought I was some kind of mad genius with the internet. Truly, they were so easy to impress. Hospitals aren't nearly as user-friendly online. If you're desperate, there's always the switchboard. But damn, I'll be pretty pissed off if I have to work that hard to get to you.

EDITED TO ADD: Holy shit. Give me the fuckin' dates in sequential order, you dumb cow. What is this Feb 10, Feb 8, Feb 14 shit? Oh my god, if I could slap you in email and not cause an incident... ::shakes fist::

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