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It sucks to be Ben Hawkins. Laws, yes. Ben Hawkins has the suckiest luck a a-bit-more-than-human can have. Hell, I want to apologize to Ben Hawkins for Carnivale being so psycho.

Going "home" and discovering you come from the most batshit gonzo crazy homidical hillbillies this side of the Mississippi? Not such a good day all in all. Especially when before they realized who you were, they mugged you, whipped you and buried you alive. Well, the guy wasn't done piling on the dirt, but it was close enough to ruin your day.

Ahh, but none of the family could beat Grandma for pure malice and homicidal craziness. When Ben's Grandmother gave birth to Ben's father Henry Scudder, she sliced the throats of her husband and first three sons. She capped off the day by scratching out her own eyes. Nice.

She must of had Henry late in life, 'cause the rest of the family were Ben's previously undiscovered cousins. It's like the nightmare scenario of an adopted child looking for his birth mother and father.

I like Ben Hawkins. I *feel* for Ben Hawkins. Carnivale is mean as hell to him. (Heh, I made a funny.) I feel like Ruthie minus 20-30 years.

I could discuss so much more. Like Sophie. Or how about Justin and Iris. Or the Dreyfuss' (Rita Mae, Stumpy, etc.) situation. Oh dude. But I'm gonna leave it here 'cause I just had to vent about poor Ben.

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