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Oh Fudge

UPN has cancelled ST:Enterprise. Not a shock, but it was finally living up to what it should have been this season. Personally, I think Season 2 killed it. Even I walked away then. But they came in with a new game plan for Season 3, and it was better. Then this year, the new showrunner was all into the continuity porn and it was good. Andorians, Tellarites, Vulcans and a hint of Romulans. Good meaty stuff.

I'm beginning to remember why straying away from TV in the '90's was so easy to do.

*Big Sigh*

Not to mention, I'm worried about Carnivale. HBO dithered about renewing it this year, and I don't think the ratings are better this year. I haven't been trolling the Carnivale websites too closely, but I did see a post mentioning the ratings were worrisome.

I swear it's just easier to watch nature shows on Discovery or TLC.

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