Binah (binah1013) wrote,

Carnivale: Creed, OK

Nice and creepy ep. That mask maker is a scary dude, in his polite way and refined way.

Ahh, if only had Ben put on the Scudder death mask! What would he have seen? And Brother Justin has finally truly "seen" Ben--and not in a dream! Well, I suppose the death mask could be considered a "vision", but it was more substantial that that. Justin has to know that the dream!Ben is a real life person now. An important figure that means to be his doom, but is not Scudder. Justin and Ben know of Scudder and have seen each other enough in their dreams to recognize each other if they met. But now Justin knows Ben is more than a dream. Ben needs a real guide, or someone on his side that can actually help. I wonder if Sophie can fill that role. 'Cause we know Management is more than suspect.

Looks like Ben/Sofie is in the cards...bwhahahaha! I'm *such* a card! *snorfle* That vision kiss looked hot. I'll pay close attention on the rewatch later this week. Going back to the helper role, when Sofie reads the cards for Ben, it wakes up his inner eye, I think. They could be a very scary duo, when you think about it.

And that Brother Justin disciple/creep hanging 'round the Carnivale? I'm thinking Ben should kill him/take his life. Of course I would have fully supported Ben killing all his lowlife cousins, but then I'm fictionally bloodthirsty, methinks. But think of the deserving he could have helped? I can't help but think Ben is going to have to make more life and death decisions. I keep waiting for him to whip out his powers, but he keeps getting his ass kicked.

I wonder what the rest of the Carnivale thinks of Ben. I mean, Ben is supposedly a lowly roustie, but takes the truck and disappears whenever he feels like it. Surely that's noticed, at least in work details, etc. I'm sure they don't know that Ben is basically directing where the Carnivale goes now. I'm sure Jonsey has been told that Ben is to be allowed certain privileges without comment. But come on, that's a small community. People will eventually talk.

Ruthie is understandably too distracted to notice. But Lila? I know she's scheming to have Samson get Carnie Justice, but I can't believe she's forgotten all about how Lodz watched Ben's every move. Oh such unfairness, but Samson knew if anyone was going to have to pick a number for Lodz' death, it would be him. Never Ben.

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