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The Power of a Certain Fandom

As you know, I've been hanging around ST:Ent fandom lately. And as you know, the show has been cancelled. Or rather, not picked up for next year. Same difference.

So, like the whole Save Farscape campaign, there has been a Save Enterprise campaign. Actually, there are a couple of campaigns under a "Trek United" banner. There have been rallies, in LA, London, NYC and Tel Aviv (don't ask me). Honestly, it seems like a wasted effort because there seems to be no support in Paramount for it. If UPN ain't gonna carry it, why would anyone... 'Tis a shame really, 'cause this season has really been good.

Anyway, I haven't been involved and don't plan on being involved. I'm just there for the spoilers and fanfic. You know how it goes. However, it seems ST fans are much more willing to spend than I remember XF fans being. Small individual donors have already raised $68,000 plus a separate fund for a full-page ad in LA Times which has already been published (~$10,000, I think). Not too shabby, imho, but since they're talking about the impractical idea of fan-paid season (estimated cost of $32 million), it's a drop in the bucket.

However, Trek United will be releasing a press statement today at 5pm EST. And the rumours are flying about a very large donation by a single individual. Supposedly some Microsoft executive (I forget his name.) has agreed to donate 3 million dollars. There's been rumblings about this for a couple of weeks, but I kinda blew 'em off. But supposedly the $3 mil is a done deal.

I guess we'll find out soon, 'cause I suspect that will make news if true.

If indeed a $3 million donation has been secured, I'm guessing somebody has talked to Paramount and what could happen with $3+ million dollars.

I would imagine the best-case scenario would be a miniseries like Farscape. I'd honestly be surprised if ST:Ent got another season. And even so, as much as I've been enjoying ST:Ent this season, I feel strangely about this.
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