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Carnivale - Lincoln Highway

I will NEVER take the concept of being tarred and feathered lightly EVER, EVER again. I don't think I ever saw it being depicted outside of a cartoon. And then, it seemed like an inconvenience, not a life-threatening act of violence. Aw geez, that was AWFUL. Poor Jonesy. Heck, poor Libby for having been subjected to watching that.

I continue to become more and more swoony over Ben. His secret is getting out, though I'm thinking Jonesy and Libby will be fans/followers/friends. Take your pick. By looking at the "Next week" trailer, Ben obviously tells Jonesy and Libby he has to continue on to Cheyenne and Jonesy looks like he's volunteering to help. I can't wait to see what happens when Jonesy makes it back to Carnivale, no longer a gimp. Oh dear, I hope he DOES make it back. Yikes.

Perhaps I'm becoming a Nick Stahl fan. I'm not sure. Cliff and I were discussing him, and I said, "He plays Messiah-like characters well." He looked at me funny and I had to explain that Nick Stahl played John Connor in Terminator 3.

I see Iris is that delicate flower I always knew she was. I wouldn't go out on a picnic with her unless I was armed and had backup with a laser tracer to take her out at any moment.

Maybe Sophie will go bad. I don't know. Justin seems intrigued by her, 'cause it seems his voodoo doesn't work on her. I wonder if she's pregnant with Ben's child. I wonder if she'll follow in her mother's footsteps in relation to the Usher. More yikes.

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