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A Sign of the Apocalypse

We bought a little treadmill at Academy over the weekend. We bought a cheaper model 'cause it was the smallest and would fit better in the living room. Now, before panic spreads among the masses, we are not on some diet or plan on becoming slim and trim. We just wanted to increase our physical activity level, which at this point is practically nil. We've talked about taking walks, but either it's too hot/cold, we're busy, can't be bothered to leave the house, etc.

Cliff has borderline blood pressure and a leg he broke years ago that seems to have no strength anymore. He has wanted a treadmill for awhile because he would like to delay the need for medication for the blood pressure. Amusingly, he has referred to it a "walker". I tartly replied that *I* am not old enough for a husband that needs a walker! Unless I change my name to Anna Nicole, I suppose.

We both got our fat asses on the treadmill for about 15 minutes last night. Nothing too ambitious. The vague plan is to walk when we watch Angel every night, and when either of us feels like watching some TV. We took turns walking while watching last night. Cliff went back later in the evening to walk some more, but for short bursts.

We also figure, if we keep up with it at least in the short term, we might be a bit fitter for our cruise in which we anticipate will have lots of walking.

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