Binah (binah1013) wrote,

Weekend in review...

We don't really celebrate Easter in our house, but I did get off for Good Friday. But Cliff didn't. So, I enjoyed *my* long weekend. Yes, indeedy. Friday was lazy. I did nothing but hang around the house.

Saturday, both Cliff and I went to the salon. Me for my nails, him for a haircut. His hairdresser, Marcie, amuses me. She's always convincing him to try new things. She got him to dye his beard one time, which really made him younger looking. Too bad he hated the dye near his mouth and nose so much that he's vowed never to do it again. She also convinced him to do highlights one time. They were pretty cool, though I don't know if Cliff will do that again. He didn't mind them like the beard dye though. This time, she got him to do a super short haircut. Very Caesar looking, brushed forward. After getting over the shock of seeing it, I like it. The hair is fun to pet like that.

I think next time she'll try to convince him to do a van dyke/goatee thing. Sandy, my nail person, thought Cliff would look good that way. And when I was done, Marcie was talking about it while finishing up trimming his beard. Maybe next time.

When we got home, we both were bitching about our respective monitors. The colors on mine were off, and his monitor was fuzzy. So, we went out and spent way too much money and bought matching 19" flat-screen monitors. Oh my goodness, they are so NICE. It feels decadent, especially coming back to my monitor here at work. So don't regret it, though the checking account is feeling thin. Cliff gets paid on Thursday, though.

Sunday was interesting. Cliff had to go into work for a few hours. I did some cleaning and started prep work for a casserole while he was gone. An interesting movie was on.

Super Size Me has hit cable. I caught it from nearly the beginning. Yowza. Of course, working in nutrition center, I knew much of the information. But it was still very interesting. I was walking on the treadmill while it was on, and I found it very...inspiring. Heh.

Needless to say, Carnivale rocked my socks last night. I'm going to do a whole post about it later after I watch it again. But DAMN. That show had better get a third season.

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