Binah (binah1013) wrote,

TV Guide gives hope to Carnivàle fans

Before you even ask...yes, I have sent an email to HBO to PLEEEAASSE renew Carnivàle.
Any idea what's going to happen with Carnivàle? The second season finale was excellent, but I'm worried it's going to be canned. — Melanie</p>

You're worried? I've been biting my nails down to nubs ever since Sophie leveled that cornfield in the episode's final moments. Fortunately, the situation doesn't seem to be as dire as Variety made it out to be last week. (The trade paper reported that Carnivàle was "not likely to return" for a third season.) "There's no indication from HBO that the show is dead," series creator Daniel Knauf tells me. "The fact is, our ratings for the last episode were [almost as high as] Deadwood's. Personally, I think they're gonna pick it up." From his mouth to Hawkins' ears.

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