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I want to be a basket case. I messed up at work and I don't want to face the music. I'm being such a sissy about this, but I just want to go home and crawl into bed and hide my head under a pillow. It's over a $4300 difference in price. It was $4800 a while ago, and now it's $9100. Ahhh, I don't even want think about it. I won't lose my job over this, but it is sort of my fault. I can claim extenuating circumstances, but ahhh...this is going to suck. S*U*C*K.

And I want to be humored through my basket-case-ness. But I don't usually act this way. I'm famous at work for not letting things get to me. And I guess I'm like that at home, too. I'm the cheerleader. The one that brushes things off. I'm Binah, the imperturbable. Well, dammit, I'm perturbed now. If it is not my fault, you can yell at me all day and I won't care. But this one is kinda my fault, so it's driving me crazy. I'm even half-way contemplating calling in sick tomorrow. I'm sure I won't, but the fact I'm fantasizing about it is not good.

I've only moaned to my husband and a coworker, and I don't think they know how to deal with me this way. I want to be humored. Maybe venting here did help a bit, but I'm still not loving life here.
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